Google June 2021 Main Update

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Google June 2021 Main Update

After a six-month wait, Google announced a new major update on June 2 and called it the June * drumroll *… June 2021 core update.

For the first time in the history of major updates, it was not done all at once but was divided into two parts. The July 2021 core upgrade will follow in a few weeks. And there are a few other things that make this major update unusual…

Keep up to date with Google’s June Update to find out about future major updates and what to do if this update hits you!

Google Core Update Part 1 June 2021

As usual, Google announced the June 2021 update on Twitter on June 2.

The most unusual thing is that Google Google will release the next major update immediately in July 2021, so some parts of the update have not yet been launched, so move to July. Google has also indicated that some of the results of the June update may be reversed with the second installment in July.

It took several days for the SOE community to notice the initial impact of the official announcement.

But compared to previous updates, the responses were longer and the discussions were less intense. Linn June 2021 Core Update: It takes longer than usual to find many SEO informants. In the past, the impact of a core update was usually felt in a short period of time.

Which sites were hit by the June 2021 major update?

Like every major update, it’s hard to know exactly how Google’s algorithm has changed. As the name implies, a major update includes changes to the extensive Google search engine, rather than adding or adjusting individual rankings.

But it is still possible to analyze the major updated industries and types of websites. So let’s see what is known about the June 2021 update so far:

Search metrics find that out Contents were among the plaintiffs of this update as well as the fake-airport sites They look like quality sites but they actually contain a lot of spam. Websites with thin content were also among the losers.

Displays information by Semrush Health, automobiles and vehicles, pets and animals, science and travel are severely affected.

Semrush data on Google June 2021 major update

This contradicts another analysis called Little Styrofoam Best Websites (“Your Money, Your Life,” for example Health and Finance topics) Injured below average. Instead, websites with a lot of regional or local focus (e.g., directories, city websites, etc.) were among the biggest winners and losers according to their data.

General Results on rankings were lower than previous updates. Google estimates that Google has used a number of new features in this update, as well as a number of websites that have been affected by Strex Johannes Bass.

Here is a quick summary of Google’s previous major updates for comparison:

  • Linn December 2020 Major Update: This last major update was a major update that has had a huge impact on search results, especially in all industries. YMYL’s websites, dictionaries and encyclopedias, as well as news networks, were particularly affected.
  • Linn May 2020 Major Update: This was a major update affecting the travel, real estate and health sectors.
  • January 2020 Major Update: Numerous analytics show that this update had a significant impact on YMYL sites.

As you can see, Google The major updates in the past are very similar in terms of the industries and websites that have made the biggest impact. But with the June 2021 core update, these styles will no longer be visible.

How to interpret the findings

Note: The findings mentioned above are often based on personal observations and can vary greatly based on their data.

Also, there is not much analysis for the June update, so we cannot make any conclusions at this moment. But we can still see some interesting patterns…

Google may have changed the way major updates are released

Almost all data providers agree that the June Core update took longer than previous updates. In addition, the overall impact on the rating was less than the previous one.

There are two possible causes Major updates are more difficult to identify in the future, That is, in the “X” 442 r4777777777c ie.

Interestingly, over the last few months, we have heard rumors that Google has just updated its original algorithm. This can be more repetitive – a quieter, more continuous process than an official event.

Google is getting better at identifying quality sites and removing them from search results

Although Google’s algorithm still has some blind spots (as we saw in our December 2020 update), it is still another step in the right direction as many spam websites and thin pages of content have been defeated by this update.

Determining Google’s major updates can be difficult

As we have seen, major updates have always affected sites about YMYL topics. Information about the June update partially contradicts this design.

We want to know if Google will follow these trends in the future and whether the publication of core updates has fundamentally changed, or is this just an external one in the history of core updates…

Anyway, at least we didn’t go down without explaining ourselves first. We will keep you posted on our blogs. And remember that Part 2 of the update will follow in July, so you should definitely keep track of your progress.

What to do if you are hit

Have you noticed any unusual activity in your class since May 5/6? This is likely related to the June update.

That’s great news if your standards improve dramatically! Google’s main goal is to improve the overall quality of search results with major updates. So if you are a user of this update, it is clear that Google is looking at your site to provide high quality content.

But you still need to keep track of your status – Google has announced that the second part of this update may reverse some of the results we are currently seeing.

So if your rankings decrease due to the update, this is likely to change soon. But basically you need to follow Google’s general recommendations and ask yourself how you can improve the overall quality of your website.

Google shares some tips on this blog post. Most of these tips apply Eat (Professionalism, authority and trust). You can find our own guide on EAT here.

It may also be helpful to take a step back and ask yourself What kind of content do you need to create to give real value to your visitors And how to present this content with the best possible user experience. The core web elements will soon be part of Google’s algorithm, making it even more important to optimize the user experience on your site.

It is always wise to follow these tips, even if you are currently struggling or preparing for major updates.

We are always here to improve your website: You can find technical bugs and SEO issues on the page with Sebity. And on our blog and wiki we regularly provide tips and guidelines for optimizing your website.

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